First blog post

From sunset on a calm blue sea to a sunset on a quiet mountain and to wherever we are, beautiful things comes to us in different ways and at different times. This might be through powerful motivational articles on a cool Monday morning, facts about life in our daily living and or creativity on display in form of poetry at midnight and many more.

FRAGILE HEART WORLD is rather symbolic. It aims at painting WORDS with ink; Words that represents feelings of different kinds. Words that resonates with our individual moods. Words that spur us on to action…




Sometimes you have to just give yourself a little more time to find your groove again and allow yourself time to build momentum. It’s not always easy to pick yourself and get back in the game. It’s not always easy to feel motivated and inspired or organized.

Sometimes, you just have to be patient and allow yourself time to just find yourself and find your flow once more. We all go through periods in our lives, where we feel uncertain, confused, weak, disorganized, uninspired and unmotivated. That’s only natural. So rather than beating yourself up, start to accept and embrace the natural flow of life and give yourself time to work things out.

Everything comes around, in time. This is the same with your outlook, mindset and energy levels. Success isn’t always about doing BIG things, it’s often about managing yourself and your expectations in order for you to move forward.

Sometimes you just have to be still and find that place within you that allows you to be at peace with whatever you are doing.

Sometimes, just getting up and facing the day is good enough for you. Doing the best that you can, while working through your own challenges, issues and difficulties is always good enough.

And be certain that in all these, you will find your flow again. But for now, you might just need to give yourself a little bit more time to work things out and find yourself and your very own place in the world of mankind.

Heal Me

With stream of pain to a heart that aches
She slowly crawls and now on bended knees
And with a plea she said;
“Take my heart, heal it right.
For it’s been trampled upon for far too long.
And now my lord,
Please take me and I’ll be healed”.

Stretching his hands to take a hold on her
He shivered.
He felt the pains written all over her
And how for ages she had coped
All in half a second.
Concealed inside of her is a shrieded heart
A fragile heart.
Caused by a man once considered her last
Who flagged forever like Babylon’s wall.

He is an angel in a human form with a mission;
Search, rescue and heal the brokenhearted
And so he has been faithful to his commission
But here too is an angel like him
A shining broken star!
The one whose light is gradually growing dim
Forgive me Lord I must be unfaithful this once
For I am a healer
A healer of the brokenhearted.

The Things I Observe

When you just sit and observe you realize that a lot of people are walking around with mental illnesses and don’t even know it. This is sad because we make it hard for people to come forward without shame or judgment. Shame is causing beautiful souls to turn into walking wounded vessels.

The human race needs help. We are like plants that survives with other plants. We are not islands that stands and survive by themselves. We need to put on our human clothes and “show a little kindness”. We need to be accommodating and welcoming enough to help others in their travails. We need to put ourselves in our fellows shoes and quit being judgmental.